Partnering to support a parent

A recent women’s group provided a very valuable connection for one of the mothers at Woodridge Park. Her son attends the elementary age program after school, and for some time her children have been receiving services through Child Haven and counseling through SWYFS. At the beginning of our women’s group series on health, a SeaMar facilitator mentioned to our family advocate that he noticed this woman needed a lot of support: for herself, not just for her children. We encouraged this woman to continue coming to group, including making reminder calls, giving her positive feedback, and offering a listening ear when she needed it.

She successfully completed the series, which offered yoga class and other exercise, information on diabetes, nutrition, and other common health concerns. At the end of the series, the SeaMar facilitator offered her continuing individual sessions with him, which would focus on her physical and mental health. She has since been enthusiastically attending sessions with him, and we are very grateful for this partnership that has brought her the relevant, compassionate services she desired.