New Futures students visit The Environmental Science Center

New Futures students learning on a beach

Our New Futures program and The Environmental Science Center at Seahurst Park have partnered for years, providing hands-on science learning. The naturalists at The Environmental Science Center invited us this summer, as they always do, to explore the beach while the tide is at its lowest. This particular time of year exposes all the sea creatures and plant life, usually underwater when the tide is high.

This year, due to covid, we could not load all the students in our vans and enjoy a typical trip altogether. Instead, our families provided transportation for their students and, in turn, were able to bring the whole family. The incredible team at The Environmental Science Center graciously provided Uber rides to our Families who didn’t have access to transportation. It was a family affair; explorers as young as two years old enjoyed splashing in the seawater and marveling at the colors and patterns of the tide pools. As they explored all the nooks and crannies of the beach, the naturalists explained the life cycles of crabs, the particular adaptations of a Midshipman and identified each unique type of kelp. It was beautiful weather and a great adventure! We are so grateful for our partnership with The Environmental Science Center!

About The Environmental Science Center (ESC)

The Environmental Science Center (ESC) is a nonprofit organization offering experiential environmental education programs for all ages at local beaches, streams, forested areas, and school gardens throughout south King County. Our goals are to inspire and foster environmental stewardship actions for all program participants and to offer knowledge and resources for communities to deepen their relationship with their local environment. ESC was founded in 2000 after a group of educators wanted more students to experience environmental education outdoors. The organization now supports environmental stewardship for thousands of people through collaborations with a growing number of school districts, community-based organizations, municipalities, and individuals.

Here’s what the students & parents thought of the event: